About Ornina

Ornina is an orchestra of classical and traditional Syrian music founded in 2016 as non profit association.
The professional Syrian artists who make up the orchestra, are for the most part old friends; each making their merry way across Europe, from Madrid to Stockholm and USA.
Some internationally renowned names in the world of classical music and opera stand out in this group, such as Shafi Badreddin, conductor and composer as well as sopranos Lubana Al Quntar and Racha Rizk, who are both held in high regard by their peers.
Soloist Shadi Ali, Abo Gabi and Ali Asaad are another names on this prestigious list.
Shafi Badreddin at the head of the orchestra in his capacity as a composer, has longed to shake up traditional Eastern music to harmoniously integrate so-called Western instruments, such as the Horn or the Trombone.
The transcription put together by the maestro is accessible to even the most untrained ear.

A choir of Syrian refugees is supported by the various soloists who accompany the orchestra.

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